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Our History

Leon founded the company in 1978.
Starting business from scratch, the initial direction was providing luxury cotton products to leading department stores throughout New Zealand


Early 90’s
Whist building up the company, the family was also growing up.
Foreseeing a perfect opportunity to build a strong family company, Leon moved the company and family to the city of Timaru, spending crucial years laying the foundation of a company to incorporate the family.


Mid 90’s
To accommodate the growing company, land was purchased in the emerging industrial park and a purpose built office block & warehouse was erected. This provided the crucial hub required for the growing amount of imported goods and a national distribution.


Sensing a strong future ahead in the Accommodation industry, the company direction was altered to deliver high quality, commercial bedding to accommodation venues throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. This built well on our founding cotton background and the company moved from strength to strength.


Posting over 20% growth for the past 7 consecutive years, Vendella has raised the industry benchmark again & again. This has come from a young team who understand the importance of continuous improvement and have formed the cutting edge, energetic company you see today.


Vendella has and continues to raise the industry benchmark again & again. This has come from a management commitment to employ world class advisors and staff. Surrounded by a young hearted team, we’ve created an office with a dynamic and creative atmosphere, empowering staff to continuously improve their surroundings which forms the cutting edge, energetic company you see today.