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Our Team

We all play a huge part in making the magic happen. With a strong focus on continually improving, we are trained with great care to ensure we understand the importance of exceptional Customer Care & Service. Surrounded by a young hearted team, we enjoy a happy, vibrant environment which helps set us apart.


Bradley Person
Sales Executive

Brad is a (consistently) happy face in our sales team with a big heart and great enthusiasm for helping his customers toward a positive and successful outcome in every purchase.  Brad is often travelling the country, meeting clients in view of understanding the needs across this industry. If you’re lucky enough to have worked with Brad, we’re sure you’ll agree he’s good company!


Conor Bourke
Store Team Leader

Conor Bourke leads the charge in the store, drawing on his history of managing busy distribution centres (and a young family!) Conor spends his mornings planning (& re-planning!) for the days ahead to ensure every order will be dispatched the same day as it’s placed. Logistically this is a huge task for the Store team but by keeping cool under pressure, Conor has it covered.


Conor Pullar

Conor plays his part in the magic, packing your goods ready for their journey. A cheerful young guy with a ready smile, Conor is a bright spark in the store!  And did you ever wonder who put the chocolate in your order....?


Corey Loffhagen

Corey came back to Vendella after he's been away for a few years, so you might still know him as he was our first full-time store person. He's passionate about his job which involves receipting all goods into our dispatch centre, checking & storing them, ready to be dispatched to you! He’s a busy man as we have over 1000 pallets in storage here!


Debbie Wade
Customer Care Team Leader

Widely known for her superb care of others, Debbie plays a pivotal part in leading our customer care team. Debbie fires up the team everyday, starting with her critical Customer Care Team Meeting where we discuss the highs and lows from yesterday. This way we can ensure that every point is covered off and attended to which assures you of a great experience. Give her a call and she's more than willing to help you.. that’s our Debbie!


Helena Neilson
Customer Care 

Helena has a bright nature and a sharp eye. With many years’ experience of assisting customers (including retail, B2C & now B2B), Helena is on your case and ready to help!


Jacqui Person
Customer Care

Jacqui is one of our chirpy receptionists, who with the others in our Customer Care Team, lights up the day of everyone who phones in or visits. Jacqui is a caring young lady and is passionate about her role which is all about answering your call and lend a helping hand to fulfilling your needs.


Jim Boakes
Sales Executive

Jim is one of the most passionate people you have met which makes him a great guy to know!  Visiting venues far and wide, he'll make sure you're up to speed with the latest & greatest trends in the hospitality world. He then sets about linking these trends and the expectations of your clients to items we source which ensures you receive high guest reviews.


Jonny Stockwell
Operations Manager

Jonny is the connection between the Innovations and Store Teams as he manages the purchasing and shipping of product from around the world to our New Zealand dispatch centre. It takes a bit to ruffle Jonny so his cool head & steady hand is very appreciated as it’s a very pivotal spot he works in.


Kathy Shu
Product Development Team Leader 

A master at bringing to life our new ideas, Kathy brings a unique depth of knowledge to our team. Born & raised in Shanghai and trained in the textile industry, Kathy joined us specifically to strengthen our sourcing links. Every day she sets about innovating new items, improving current products, sharpening costs, shortening shipping times etc etc!


Laura Ind
Sales Executive Auckland

Laura (who is based in Auckland) comes from a history of textile & sales which puts her in perfect position to look after our customers in the City of Sails. You’ll find Laura to be a very chirpy and happy young lady and someone who understands how important it is to form long and meaningful relationships with others.


Leon Brodie
After Sales Care 

Leon’s work goes largely unseen but it’s him we trust to ensure our larger and customised orders are delivered in full, on time and to specification. He draws on his long history of sourcing, importing & fulfilling customer needs to bring the pieces together and get them there on time.


Luke Brodie
General Manager

Luke oversees the daily running of all sectors to ensure all parts are working well and functioning smoothly. Caring for our own team and our customers are his primary responsibilities which he puts a lot of time and passion into succeeding in. Here from day 1, he’s watched the company grow along with the changing demand of the guests.


Marty Brodie
Sales Executive

Marty has a great passion for customer care which is why his clients say that he’s ‘committed to really understanding your needs, suggesting solutions and delivering on his promises’. His energetic and freethinking approach makes Marty an interesting guy to be around.


Michelle Mcnally

Michelle is a great person, the kind you want on your team! She’s the type that asks for more work when she’s already busy and grins when the going is tough! Having spent 25yrs in accounts, Michelle has every i dotted and t crossed – your account is in safe hands.


Michael Boakes
Sales Team Leader

Michael is an avid sales person who strongly believes in building strong and lasting relationships. With a history of over 10 years in caring for customers, Michael is consistently training us in new ways to deliver the X factor to everyone we work with.


Molly Turner
Sales Assistant 

With a passion for her role, Molly keeps our Sales Team up-to-date and on track... which is quite a task! Molly is like a ray of sunshine because she is always grinning and a good laugh is never far away. She is very efficient so if Molly is on your case, you're in safe hands.


Tania Macfarlane
Marketing Team Leader

Tania coordinates and manages our marketing which is a massive task! Her day-to-day involves coordinating ‘all things marketing’ from new publications in our social media feeds to updating our printed collateral, from gathering customer feedback received by the Sales team or customer surveys to working with the purchasing team who are innovating new products to meet the ever changing industry demands.


Vickie Brodie
Customer Care

Vickie is our helper of many, our ‘lifeguard’ in the office who reliably helps every client & question that comes her way. Her day covers a wide spread of tasks from keeping the admin side of our office running smoothly to working with client request, to processing invoices …and everything in between. Very trustworthy!


Who's Next?
Career Options  

We're always on the lookout for new team members.  Please email your CV to for our consideration. thank you!


Associated Staff 
We have a brilliant team of accompanying people who work mainly in the background to ensure you’re receiving the best of the best.   


Larnya Bourdot
Graphic Artist 

Larnya has assisted our marketing team for many years now, bringing thoughts & ideas to life through her years of graphic design. Clever at her job, Larnya is helping us spread the news.


Neville Kennerley
Senior Accountant 

Neville Particularly focuses on financial reporting, cashflow forecasting, variance reporting/analysis, budget development, financial analysis and cost/management accounting.