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Quality & Selection

Quality & selection plays a large part in this industry as you will know! We spend 100’s of hours working to improve the range we offer without dropping in quality.


Global Sourcing
Every year we attend international trade shows to improve the relationships we have with our leading suppliers as well as looking for new and innovative ideas hotels use around the globe.


Sourcing from all around the world comes with a certain level of challenges but having reliable suppliers is crucial to successfully delivering on our promises. This has taken years & years but through strong persistence we have built a large selection of global suppliers from a vast range of countries.


Quality control is another important part which we take seriously. Constant checks on incoming stock and continuous contact with our international partners helps us to maintain a world-class level of quality with our Dreamticket brand.


Everybody loves selection. 2014 was a year when our range exploded, quadrupling in size! Because we stock around 90% of our offerings, this was a challenge (to say the least!) but there’s no sign of slowing down!