Meet our new Makers Sofa Bed

13 June 2022

Our newly landed¬†Makers Sofa Bed¬†has arrived. This sofa combines form and function and has been specially designed for commercial use. It’s superior features give you the perfect addition to add versatility to and upsell your rooms.

The All New Makers Sofa Bed

Makers Sofa Bed – Made for the commercial market

This generous 2.5 seater has comfortable seat and back cushions made from durable foam and soft fiber, which keep their shape for longer. With availability in commercial grade dark charcoal fabric or black PU, this upholstery is a practical choice. Add to this a heavy-gauge steel mechanism and frame, this sofa bed will withstand the rigours of a commercial environment.

Easy fold Sofa Bed mechanism

The Linkrest sleeping mechanism folds out effortlessly with a simple ‘one-arm’ lift and pull action. The seat cushions attach to the bed frame and tuck away neatly beneath the sofa where they are protected and out of the way.

Maximum comfort

Featuring a double-size 120mm thick foam-core mattress and a wooden slat support system, the Makers Sofa Bed boasts luxury comfort over traditional spring mattresses and support systems.

To further enhance this sense of luxury, utilize the following items in double mattress size:

Free freight

Free delivery nationwide, and the most competitive price on the market. The Makers Sofa Bed is the perfect addition to give your property more flexibility.

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