From 5-star hotels and resorts to B&Bs and student housing, we provide everything needed for an unforgettable guest experience.
NZ’s aged care facilities, health care providers and hospitals trust us to deliver the best, first time, every time.
We’re meeting the procurement needs of government agencies, laundries and resellers with supply made simple and quality made certain.
With expert guidance, exemplary service and an unsurpassed product range we ensure our customers can deliver a standard of experience in good taste, of great comfort and with every care.

Meet the team.

Since 2008 Vendella has delivered solutions and supplies to companies who are in the business of taking care of others. Over that time, despite considerable growth and change, we’ve always remained an incredibly tightknit and supportive team. It’s how our company has become far more than simply a collection of people. It is why, together, we can deliver such excellent outcomes for our customers.

Meet our Team
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Food for thought.

A few little steps can make a big difference in how you can make enduring improvements in sustainable operation. Watch our video to see how.

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What it means.

Why it matters.

How it makes such a difference.

We have established a number of programmes, processes and products to ensure our work can continue to take care of our planet, our communities, our company and our people.

We will continue to innovate and expand this work – because integrity and initiative today is so important for quality of life tomorrow.

Find out more about how our sustainability initiatives help New Zealand – and how they can help you.

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