Do you provide Social or Support Housing?

Vendella stock a wide range of products to help Support Housing, Community Housing, Transitional Housing, and Social Housing in Aotearoa. Whether you are providing short-term or long-term housing, Vendella can help with your project to provide fit-for-purpose products.


Our Warehouse and Dispatch Centre

Join Luke for a tour of our warehouse and dispatch centre and find out more about our capacity.

Why Vendella?

Vendella are the specialists when it comes to providing the right products for Social Housing projects. We offer expert advice, and a large range of fit-for-purpose product that is held in-stock, saving you time and resources.

• Free freight on all orders throughout Aotearoa.
• Top quality product designed specifically for commercial use.
• Over 1000 different products held in-stock, ready for immediate dispatch to your properties.
• Consistent supply of sustainably focused product.
• Fast & attentive customer service.
• Free product samples available.

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  • - Government Departments & Support Housing
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