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Who are we as a team?

We are a multifaceted but close-knit team, with the common denominator being we’re young at heart!

Everyone in our team is employed based on their values and mindset which has created a special environment.


Ten words people have used to describe our team are;

  • Possibility focused
  • Initiative & engaged
  • Accountable
  • Self-believers
  • Courageous
  • Reliable
  • Celebrators
  • Self betterers
  • Learners
  • Committed

Our team is close-knit, professional, and always supportive of each other. Like family, we want to see everyone succeed – and we pitch in and help out to make this success a reality.


Learn more about our team here

Who we are as a company.

Vendella is motivated, passionate, and built on a relentless desire to improve.


We don’t settle for the status quo and are committed to deliver a customer experience unmatched in our industry.


We know we’re only as good as yesterday which drives the team to examine the big picture while digging into the minute details to see where and how we can improve.


Our 6 core values are deeply ingrained in the company which steers our every decision and move.


We are a successful New Zealand, family owned and operated business, and despite growing larger over the years, we’ve stayed true to our grassroots background.


We understand how incredibly important our people are to the company so at the heart of our direction is the aim of delivering greater happiness in work and life for our team.


In an age of automation and box-ticking, it’s the personalised approach that makes such a difference to those who work here – and our customers.

What’s it like?

If you’re wanting to know about little bit more about what it’s like to work at Vendella from day-to-day, here’s the clip you need to watch!

What we can offer.

A warm welcome, supportive values, and the chance to advance.

You spend a huge amount of time at work, time that needs to reward you beyond a simple pay cheque. At Vendella, we firmly believe in making our workdays enjoyable, motivational, and sometimes, just that little bit inspirational.


  • A culture of achievement. Recognition is ingrained in how we work. Shout outs, bonuses, celebrations, and awards are all part of our day-to-day work life. It’s important to be proud of our achievements in our work.


  • The chance to progress. We are focused on results over rank. This means it’s up to you how much you achieve and how far you go. We appreciate forward-thinking people who are hungry to learn and to share their learnings with the team. If you want to advance, you will.


  • An actual work life balance. A lot of companies only talk of the ‘work-life balance’ when it suits them. Not us. We encourage and advocate for healthy, happy team members and their families above all else. Your personal time is precious and sometimes life’s challenges mean you’ll need to focus on other things besides work. We’ll always provide room for you to step out when needed.


  • A values-driven culture. We’re all about Integrity, Passion, Generosity, Gratitude, Family and Respect. These values provide the basis for how we work, how we relate to each other, and how we treat our customers.
Who we are looking for?

We’re not hung up on age, experience or credentials. We instead look for those who can fit in, step up, and stand proud.


  •  Like a family, our team encompasses people at a wide range of life stages and ages. Being young at heart is the common denominator.


  • We seek people who are on top of their game. Academic prowess is not necessary. Rather, we’re looking for those who excel at what they do.


  • Our head office is located in beautiful Timaru in South Canterbury. We would love to share the lifestyle benefits of our friendly town with newcomers. For dedicated North Islanders, also have a satellite office in Auckland.


  • All else aside, we are looking for people who fit with our culture. Everyone in our team is employed on the basis of their mindset, first and foremost.

We are currently looking to fill these key positions.

IT Support Technician

An NZ owned company based in Timaru are looking for someone who can support all things technically related for their growing business.

Supporting a team of 30+ staff we are searching for someone who can work as part of an engaged workforce who are all committed to helping the business grow and prosper.

The business are expanding overseas and the support team in NZ are growing, hence the reason to establish this new role.

You will be responsible for providing general IT support to the team and be the go to person for their technical needs.

About you –

2+ years IT Support Service experience
An IT qualification or certificates
Passionate about IT
Customer centric mindset, dedicated to providing outstanding service and support
A Jack of all trades IT
Excellent communication skills both oral and written
Team player who enjoys providing solutions to problems
Join a friendly team as part of a values based business located in Timaru.

You must have the right to work in NZ to be considered.

Our Values Events

At the heart of our company is an exceptional group of people willingly to go above and beyond in their daily efforts, both for our customers and for their teammates. These efforts are recognised by our long-standing customers.

Timaru and Beyond
Discover the wider region.

Timaru retains a small-town atmosphere while providing the convenience of a bigger centre. Founded in the late 1870s, it is now a thriving port town on the eastern coast of the South Island.


With a safe swimming beach at its centre, a renowned surf break just outside of town, and a ski field just an hour’s drive away, this is a town with many possibilities for adventure. You’ll have more in your wallet to enjoy it with too – housing here is still within reach for those starting out and many shifting here enjoy not being crushed by massive mortgages or huge rent.


There are some great local schools for families arriving in the area and the community is a tight-knit and welcoming one. We pride ourselves on the tight-knit small-town connections that are easily made here.


Wildlife loves it here too. Timaru is home to a colony of the smallest penguins in the world, the native kororā. Stroll our coastal trails and you may also spot other penguin breeds, seals and sea lions taking a break on the water’s edge. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may even see playful Hector’s dolphins and migrating whales passing by.


If you’d like to know more about the region, we suggest visiting this website or, if you’re thinking of moving here to work at Vendella, simply give us a call.

We’re always happy to talk through any questions you might have!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Every career starts with a chat…

We’re more interested getting to know you rather than going through your CV in detail. That’s why a short video chat is the best way to start. We’ll work to your schedule too – if you’d prefer to meet outside of work hours, we’ll make it happen.

In the first instance, send a CV and a cover letter to [email protected].

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