Our Room Kits make it easy.

We can provide innovative ‘room kits’ that include everything your staff need during their stay at your accommodation. We can deliver these pre-packaged and ready to be placed in the rooms in a handy storage bag with your branding on it.


Meet Greg.

Greg is your point of contact when it comes to advice on helping your staff accommodation. Get in touch with him today to find out how we can help you.

Get in touch with Greg

How we do things.

Hello! I’m Greg. I am the Staff Accommodation Sales Specialist here at Vendella, and we would love to hear from you. Reach out to find out how we can help you via our website enquiry form, free phone 0800 836 335 or email me directly [email protected]. So, here is what you can expect when consulting us about your needs.


Getting to Know You.

We feel it’s important to understand the specific requirements of your staff accommodation and welcome the opportunity to have a chat about this to determine how we can best help.


Welcoming You.

We always send out our welcome pack! This includes samples of the products discussed, a $100 voucher to get things moving and of course our customary Whitakers chocolate!



The next step is to work with you to put together a proposal that fits your budget. This includes delivery timelines, freight co-ordination and suggestions on care and storage.


Regular Check-Ins.

We like to stay in touch and answer any questions. Sometimes it helps to talk with other providers that have undergone this process – we are always happy to make the connections for you.


Let’s Get Started.

Let us work through the logistics and make things as easy as possible. Communication is important and our team will ensure you have prior delivery notice and a follow up.


Spread the Word.

If you are satisfied and would like to tell others the good news, we’ll say thanks with a $250 voucher on Vendella and showcase what your accommodation can offer through our social page.

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Staff Accommodation Case Studies

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DMS Progrowers

Apr 2024

DMS Progrowers are a Kiwifruit and Avocado management and processing operation based in the Bay of Plenty region.

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Hortus Worker Accommodation

Jan 2022

Hortus Worker Accommodation provides over 350 beds to RSE workers in the Marlborough region. They focus on maximising comfort and enjoyment for their guests.

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RSE Accommodation Solutions

Aug 2022

RSE Accommodation Solutions assist with the demand for purpose-built accommodation, particularly within the horticulture industry. …

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Southern Cross Horticulture

Aug 2022

Southern Cross Horticulture is a family-owned operation that has been planting, growing and developing Kiwifruit for more than 40 years.

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