For a fit-out that fits the bill without breaking the budget

Why search multiple websites to second-guess the best solutions for worker or student accommodation? Here you can order everything you need for fit-outs quickly, confidently and cost-effectively.


We offer a huge range of products, from furniture and kitchenware through to cleaning products and bedding. Each has been carefully researched and tested to ensure a long-lasting solution for heavy-duty use in student and worker accommodation.


We also provide innovative ‘room kits’ – the fool-proof way to order without missing any important details. Our ordering system is extremely fast, simple, and clear. There are no surprises when your order or invoice arrives, delivery and payment options are flexible and we offer budget-helpful discounts on bulk volume orders too.

Save time and stress with hard wearing, long-lasting products.

Our focus on research and innovation ensures every item is the best it can be. With strict quality controls and commercial warranties our products are expertly designed for worker and student accommodation.


Your communal areas are going to see a lot of action. Furnishing needs to be both comfortable and long-lasting. Low-priced products are a false economy in these situations. It’s why we only provide high quality, easy-clean couches, chairs, tables and beds.


So too does our commercial grade kitchenware make mealtimes good times, and our high-comfort, high-quality bedding range make bedrooms a welcoming haven after a long day of hard work.

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Our Clients
Our clients range from staff and student accommodation providers, to large government departments and resellers, and commercial laundries and suppliers. They know when procurement policies, sustainability initiatives or competitive efficiencies need to be met; Vendella Supply ticks all the boxes.

Case Studies

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Campus Living Villages – Otago Polytechnic Student Village

Mar 2022

Only minutes from class, in a safe, secure village, Otago Polytechnic Student Accommodation provides first year accommodation for students.

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Hortus Worker Accommodation

Jan 2022

Hortus Worker Accommodation provides over 350 beds to RSE workers in the Marlborough region. They focus on maximising comfort and enjoyment for their guests.

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Southern Institute of Technology

Aug 2021

Southern Institute of Technology offers a variety of accommodation options for students in Invercargill including Student Apartments.

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Stuart Laing Student Accommodation – Cargill Street

Mar 2022

A privately owned Student Accommodation option in Dunedin CBD…

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New Zealand Campus of Innovation & Sport (NZCIS)

Feb 2024

The New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport (NZCIS) in Upper Hutt is a world-class facility offering amenities for training, recovery, dining, accommodation and conferences.

Read More

Your Sustainable Journey

Forward-thinking operators can make big sustainability gains by choosing environmentally friendly products for bedding and furnishing.

We know our customers in this sector are often making considerable changes in how they approach their impact on the environment. With big investments being made in energy, conservation, recycling and reduction efforts there is also a far greater focus on how procurement can make a difference.

There are plenty of ways Vendella can help here. For example, a pillow purchasing decision can dramatically affect waste minimisation – and even deliver planting benefits too.

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