There are no half measures here. From the smallest products to the largest orders, every package we dispatch should arrive as specified, on time and to the very highest standard. That’s what we do to set the benchmark as a business. It’s how we continue to provide the very best results for our commercial customers. It’s why you can have absolute confidence in our ability to deliver to your organisation.
Our Clients
Our clients range from large government departments and resellers to commercial laundries and suppliers. They know when procurement policies, sustainability initiatives or competitive efficiencies need to be met; Vendella Supply ticks all the boxes.

Case Studies

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24Seven Bealey Avenue

Aug 2021

Built-in 2019 these comfortable rooms are ideal for Leisure and Business Travellers as well as Families and Groups.

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Cambridge Top10 Holiday Park

Aug 2021

Offering beautiful modern accommodation options for couples, families, groups, and corporates. …

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Your Sustainability.

The Dream Green Initiative.

Our most popular pillow, the ‘Dream 900’ has delivered a fantastic boost to the sustainability efforts of organisations throughout New Zealand. For every 8 ‘Dream 900’ pillows sold we fund the planting of a native seedling. These funds, combined with the efforts of our team, are protecting our country and industry for future generations. Since 2017 the initiative has funded the planting of over 4,000 native trees throughout New Zealand.

Recycling done right.

A clever three step recycling process transforms plastic bottles into a microfibre perfect for our luxury bedding range. Plastic bottles are sterilized, then reduced from their raw waste state into small flakes. These small flakes are spun into a yarn and then transformed into our premium hypoallergenic, microfibre. The end result is high loft and luxurious softness, one that guests globally are raving over. Over the past 24 months alone this premium micofibre has prevented 4,753,114 of 500ml plastic bottles from entering the ocean or landfills.
Find out more about our sustainable efforts and your potential opportunities.

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