How to stop bedding from fading

27 June 2022

Faded bedding can give guests the wrong impression – making an establishment look unhygienic and in need of some TLC!  The four main culprits that damage fabrics without you realising are friction, heat, harsh chemicals and UV raysA big contributor to faded fabric in New Zealand – where UV levels can be extreme – is sunlight.

Apart from a good wash and care routine, protection from direct sunlight is one of the best ways to reduce fading of bedding and for this we turn to window treatments.

Window Tints

Tinting is a cost efficient way to guard against fading and you can apply this to existing windows . If you have a particularly sunny room, you may apply the tint to just this room.  To better manage your cash flow, consider doing one room at a time.  Some window films can block up to 99% of the UV rays. An added benefit is that it reduces the heat transmission into the room, leaving it more comfortable for your guest, and saving you electricity costs.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtain window treatments help to cut down the amount of direct sunlight that may be causing sun fade damage.  Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, a modest amount of light can still enter the room. They are stylish looking and economical to produce when compared with heavier drapes.

Mesh Roller Blinds

These are an excellent option for window sun block to help reduce bedding from fading by cutting down the amount of sunlight and hence UV which damages fabric.  Easily operated by any guest and with the benefit of being height adjustable as the sun moves through the day.  Thicker blackout blinds not only reduce energy bills but also help reduce noise from outside.  There are varying ranges on the market including plain, coloured, textured, with sun filters and with block out.

Wash & Care

Use cold to luke-warm water and only the heat required for your cleaning purpose. Too high a temperature, too often can weaken fabric fibers over time. Harsh chemicals can damage fabric and wash out colors too, so it is recommended to use mild or delicate liquid detergents.

Make use of the shorter-cycle machine settings where possible – particularly on lightly soiled items so that your bedding is exposed to less mechanical friction.  Line dry if possible in the shade or remove immediately after tumble drying to avoid overheating and the loss of fibre moisture which makes fabric coarse and brittle.


Finally we would like to mention “Rotate”.  Rotating your bedding where possible is a good habit to get into. For example is if you have a bed runner that is in a room that hardly gets any sun, swap it out for the one in the room that does get the sun. Apply the rotation to bedspreads, blankets and cushions and where items are double sided, flip these so that one side is not getting all of the sun thus prolonging its life.

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