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17 August 2022

“QuiKits” mean room set-up for staff, student or guest accommodation has never been easier.

Setting up or upgrading facilities can be a logistical nightmare for accommodation providers. Firstly establishing what is needed for each room, and then ensuring everything gets to where it should. That’s why we developed the QuiKit. A quick, easy, fit for purpose solution to deliver what’s needed , to where it’s required.

Time-poor student, worker and medium to large guest accommodation providers are looking for ease of ordering, delivery, and installation.  With demand increasing, and an overwhelmingly positive response from customers it’s clear our QuiKits are a winner.

Depending on the contents, the kits are delivered in a multi-use laundry bag or a larger carton.

Perfect for hotel and motel new builds and upgrades, and ideal for student or staff accommodation, this convenient, customisable approach takes the stress out of ordering accommodation supplies.

Meeting demand

At Vendella we first recognised the need for such a service when supplying student accommodation. Our modular response provided students with individual kits as they first checked in to their hostels. This can be a busy (and occasionally confusing) time for students and their families. The peace of mind that they had all the essentials covered was helpful for all involved.

We quickly realised the approach would also be beneficial to large hotel fitouts, particularly when it came to reducing set-up times. The QuiKit certainly makes things easier for those trying to coordinate product delivery across multiple spaces – particularly when every floor and door looks so similar.

Why it helps

Quite simply, the QuiKit approach makes for logical logistics. With everything packed into room kits, delivery and installation is a breeze.

First establish what is needed in each room. Then it’s simply a matter of ordering the required number of kits. There’s no need to go back and forth between different orders, balancing out linen, kitchenware and other items.

As the requirements for each room arrives in its own distinct package, they can be easily distributed to each room. This removes the confusion and manual intervention that typically occurs when distributing a bulk order piecemeal to where it needs to go.

“There’s no need to break down 10 boxes of pillows, and no worries that smaller items will get lost…”

How it works

A basic bedroom QuiKit can contain mattress protection, sheeting, duvet or quilt, pillow, pillow protection and towelling. Extras such as toppers, valances, hangers and toilet rolls can also be added to make the space comfortable and ready for guests.

Our kitchen QuiKits contain everything needed to set up a kitchenette, and can include basic crockery, cutlery, tea towels, cooking utensils, and a microwave, jug and toaster. These are perfect for those looking to upgrade their facility or build new accommodation establishments.

For RSE workers we also have created hygiene packs. A small toiletry bag is filled with soap, shampoo, and other toiletries, making it easier for new arrivals at the orchard or vineyard.

Customised kits can be created by speaking with a Vendella team member. We can recommend a standard approach or work with you to ensure your unique QuiKit is exactly the right fit.

Placing an order

While we can recommend a standard bed or kitchen kit, the exact products and quantities are based entirely on your specific requirements. And, as the contents are completely customisable, we take pride in making sure there’s nothing more and nothing less than what’s needed in each QuiKit.

Generally, orders of our kits have a slightly longer lead time than our usual orders due to the extra labour required in packing them. However, once the ‘base kit’ is established, reordering is fast and easy.

When it comes to completely outfitting a room there’s no need to ever do things in fits and starts again. Having experienced the ease and efficiency of the Quikit, many of our clients have never gone back to the old way of ordering. If you are ready to discover the QuiKit difference yourself, give us a call or click the link below.

Contact us here.

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