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Ranfurly Village

10 February 2022
  • Accommodation Type: Independent Living, and Care Facility
  • Location: Auckland
  • Beds: 60 Hospital Beds
  • Project Length: Ongoing
  • Product Supplied: Bedding, Linen, Toweling

“Knowing that you can just make one phone call and you’ve got someone who is full service, who is going to look after you, and is going to think outside the box and recognise your needs.”

What is your target market/clientele and where do you position yourself in the care market?

The Ranfurly Hospital offers a range of residential care services including Rest Home and Hospital care. We also offer respite and rehabilitation services.

Whilst we have an historic reputation for providing services to men and women of the Returned Services, we also provide care to the general public.

What is unique to Ranfurly Hospital?

We focus on family values, flexibility and creating a home-like environment. We pick up the little things that people need. We really try to meet the whole person’s needs, not just physical. We focus not

We’ve been around for nearly 120 years and have a great reputation of providing care and support in the Auckland community. The Ranfurly Veterans’ Trust is located on-site, and they liaise with veterans, have ongoing relationships with RSA’s, and ensure that veterans have access to the benefits and services that they are entitled to. We also have a dedicated care suite available for respite care, we started this last year, as we saw the need to have a care suite available for people in the community who need respite. Another point of difference that we offer is physiotherapy. It’s not a contractual obligation but we believe this service provides a huge benefit to people by helping to maintain their function and their independence.

What are the key challenges you face in sourcing product?

In the last two years, with the global pandemic, the main challenges have been supply chain issues and increasing costs. Having products that are cost-effective and fit for purpose, as well as good quality is fundamental.

What is most important to you in a supplier?

Good choices. Having a nice range of aesthetic choices that are functional. Melissa helped me with finding bedspreads that fit our facilities aesthetic, and that was such a huge help.

What made you decide to partner with Vendella?

A great reliable service and product that offers a nice range of aesthetic choices that are also functional. Melissa assisted us to find bedspreads that were not only functional but also fit our facilities aesthetic, and that was such a huge help.

How have you found working with Vendella & Melissa since partnering?

I love working with Melissa and I look forward to having her visit. It’s nice to have someone that I’m working with who’s simpatico. She’s able to intuit if I’m up to my ears in alligators or not. She can figure out what’s going on and smooth the path for me, and it’s really nice having a partnership where you’re working with someone who gets the industry and understands the stress that we’re under.

What would you say if someone asked you if they should do business with Vendella?

I would highly recommend Vendella. I find that the quality is excellent. I love that there’s no freight charges. I think that’s really very significant, and it’s a wonderful bonus to pass on to your clients. The orders are always timely, so the turnaround has always been really good, and the quality is great. When we needed towels and pillows, Melissa provided samples and I was able to take them home and use and wash them. I also like your ethos around sustainability, those are things that are important to us as a company too.

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