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Royston Day Surgery

30 August 2022

Property Name: Royston Day Surgery

Accommodation Type: Orthopaedic Day Surgery

Location: Hawkes Bay

Project Length: Ongoing

Product Supplied: Scrubs, Patient Gowns, Robes, Blankets

“I would recommend Vendella. I have already told our New Zealand Procurement Officer how good you guys were to deal with.”

Tell us about Royston Day Surgery

Royston Day Surgery is a joint venture with Evolution Healthcare and a group of Orthopaedic Surgeons working in the Hawke’s Bay. Completed in March 2022, Royston Day Surgery is a two-theatre complex, with one theatre currently commissioned and the other warm shelled to be commissioned in 2023.

Our specialist day hospital is located on the Royston Hospital Campus in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. We are unique in providing orthopaedic only services for day procedures for the region.

Does the facility take many private patients?

We are a private hospital so most of our patients access our services through their health insurance or are self-funded. We also have a contract with ACC where we perform several orthopaedic procedures each week for people requiring these through ACC.

How many staff do you have?

At Royston Day Surgery we have 20 employed staff. Our staff range from clinical through to administration and reception.

How many beds do you have in the facility?

We have four stage one beds and six stage two beds. As our hospital provide day only procedures, we don’t have a ward.

What challenges have you experienced with sourcing products for the facility?

It was pivotal that we secured theatre and major medical items early in the project due to the Covid pandemic. It came together relatively well despite the global supply chain issues, so we were lucky to not be too affected in that sense. Construction of our hospital was impacted due to supply issues, however the teams worked well to minimise any delays as much as possible.

With a global shortage of healthcare workers, this proved challenging. We were recruiting early on before our hospital opened, and we are so proud of the talented team we have.

What did you enjoy about working with Vendella on this project?

Initially we were planning to utilise Royston Hospital’s laundry facility and services, however there are many challenges in ensuring that clean and dirty linen was transferred effectively between both sites. Ultimately, we decided on outsourcing our linen services, which also allowed us to own our theatre attire, an important item we wanted to own ourselves. We were provided with Vendella’s contact details after contacting Central Linen Services and that’s where we were connected to Melissa. The very next day Melissa had scrub samples with us! From there our relationship grew, and we went to looking at patient gowns, blankets, and patient robes.
Melissa was helpful with costing everything we need. Our team looks really smart, and the scrubs are brilliantly robust.

So why did you choose Vendella?

Working with Melissa was easy. She even said that if the sizing is not right, we could exchange them for the correct sizing.

What do you look for in a supplier?

Simplicity and ease of ordering, and of course clear communication, in terms of whether there are delays or problems with delivery. That has been 100% with Vendella. It’s all about service and communication at the end of the day. My understanding is that Vendella keep a good supply of stock, which has been very comforting. With continued supply issues it’s comforting to have Vendella look after these crucial supplies and not worry if there will be a delay.

If someone asked you if they should do business with Vendella, what would your response be?

I would recommend Vendella. I have already told our New Zealand Procurement Officer how good you are to deal with and how we like the products.

Anything you would like to add?

Melissa has been wonderful; she’s been our main contact person. I’d be happy to support the brand. Our patients have commented on the quality of the gowns and robes.

Find out more about the day surgery here:

Photos courtesy of Evolution

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