case study

St Andrews Village

2 December 2021
  • Accommodation Type: Aged Care Facility
  • Location: Auckland
  • Rooms: 174 Care
  • Project Length: Ongoing
  • Product Supplied: Bedding, Linen, Towelling

“Melissa has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, she is very customer focused and keeps in constant touch”

What is your target market/clientele for St Andrews Village and where do you position yourself in the care market?

Many of our residents from St Andrews Village come from within a 5-mile radius of us, this is because people coming into care want to stay close to their social circles and families.
Others are referred through the hospitals or families who want to bring a parent from outside Auckland to be close to them. A main source of our residents in care comes from our Retirement Village and it is a factor that encourages people to buy where they know the care that may be needed in the future is all on the one site. We are seen as one of the market leaders in aged care and have established a reputation for quality care and a warm “family” atmosphere and we often have the full continuum of care.

How many beds do you have?

174 beds in the Care Centre, covering hospital, rest home and secure dementia levels of care.

What is unique to the St Andrews facility?

We are a Charitable Trust, not for profit organisation, well established in the market for over 60 years

What are the key challenges you face in renovating a rest home?

We don’t call our Care Centre a rest home, that term is only used to refer to a level of care offered here, we are not renovating we are constantly refurbishing the centre, it’s like the “fourth bridge” the work is continuous and ever evolving as new products and services become available.

What is important to you in a supplier?

To earn the trust of St Andrews Village, the supplier must be reliable, deliver what they promise, find cost effective solutions to our challenges, demonstrate excellent customer service skills but always being straight up and direct.

What made you decide to choose to work with Vendella?

We met representatives at the 2020 NZACA Conference and initially spoke about your pillows because of the environmental and sustainability factors and ordered some of those but asked about bed cover options and what might work for us, then we met Melissa and she bought us some bed cover options to trial, we liked the product, the price and the service and bought the new bed covers for the Care Centre.

How did you find working with Vendella/Melissa on this project?

Very good, Melissa has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, she is very customer focused and keeps in constant touch.

What would you say if someone asked you if they should do business with Vendella?

Our experience has been positive and we found a solution for a long standing challenge, having bed covers that look great in colours that aren’t bland or “old world”, wash well, and are cost effective.

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