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About Us


We all play a huge part in making the magic happen. With a strong focus on continually improving, we are trained with great care to ensure we understand the importance of exceptional Customer Care & Service. Surrounded by a young hearted team, we enjoy a happy, vibrant environment which helps set us apart. CLICK TO VIEW



Want a little assurance that we’ll be here for you all the way? This is a brief timeline showing the progress throughout the changing years, from the late 70’s through to the current day and beyond! Business is a serious game but one that we enjoy and this is our story. CLICK TO READ



Our Mission and Value statements are very powerful tools, inspiring the purpose, direction and driving forces of our organization. The team has a sense of pride to work amongst an organization that stands for something and are united by a common sense of purpose. CLICK TO READ



Quality & selection plays a large part in this industry as you will know! We spend 100’s of hours working to improve the range we offer without dropping in quality.  CLICK TO READ



When we say that exceptional service is the backbone of our business, we mean it! Our staff strive to make every transaction a positive and enjoyable experience, from the moment your call is answered to the day your goods are delivered. We promise that you will find our service professional and prompt.  CLICK TO READ



If you prefer to write things down, we got you covered.
Here’s a printable order form which you can download, fill out and scan back to us – your order will be greeted with the same care as all phone calls or emails as we don’t mind a bit of old school CLICK TO DOWNLOAD



When viewing our website, the catalogue or emails from us, you may have noticed little icons. These are a quick reference to point out a certain feature about the item i.e. Made in New Zealand. Here is a list of the icons we use and what the mean. CLICK TO VIEW



Today the world is full of news, media & stories so we would like to share a few comments that have been sent our way. Here is a collection of testimonials from many of our clients which we think help convey the unseen work that gets completed every day CLICK TO VIEW