Cutlery Buy-Back Promotion

7 September 2022

Got ten thousand spoons and all you need is a knife?

When trying to create a sense of professionalism and capability, mismatched cutlery can really twist the knife (or, if that’s missing, twist the spoon). Uniformity in cutlery shows your guests or residents that the small details are looked after and in turn, makes your housekeeper’s jobs easier.

We can help you out!

Our cutlery range doesn’t change, meaning you can consistently purchase matching pieces again and again. That means no more time-wasting trips to town, and no more stressful searches for that one missing piece.

We want to make it easy.

If you’re searching for cutlery consistency at your property, we can help. We’re currently offering a 50c buy-back per item of cutlery you donate to a local charity in your area. For example, if you have 1000 pieces of cutlery to donate, we’ll give you a $500.00 discount on the cutlery you purchase from us.

3 Simple steps to cutlery consistency!

Step 1: We pay you 50c pre piece of old cutlery you want to replace.

Step 2: You then use this credit to offset the replacement cutlery cost from our Cutler range.

Step 3: We can then help donate your old cutlery to a charity of your choice!

It’s really that easy!

If you are interested in standardising your cutlery range and learning more about this promotion, click here to get in touch!

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