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6 September 2022

How tempered glass is built to last

Created using three thermally bonded layers of glass, tempered glass products are almost unbreakable. This makes them a great choice for hospitality providers looking for long-term, cost-effective items.

Mention tempered glass and the iconic 90’s brown glass mug is the first thing that springs to mind. However, when it comes to quality kitchenware, there’s more to tempered glass than yesteryear’s microwaved cups of instant coffee.

Why go tempered?

For motel and hotel kitchenettes it’s important to reduce the risk of breakages, which can cause injuries for guests. The same goes for communal kitchens in backpackers and worker accommodations, where high usage equals more opportunity for mishaps.

Tempered glass products will not only reduce the requirement for clean-ups (and first aid kit use). They also diminish the need for constant replacement of items, saving money and fuss. Because many tempered glass products, such as the Cutler and Corelle ranges, have a consistent design, it’s easy to replace individual items without ending up with unmatched sets.

As well as being chip and break resistant, strengthened glass products are also dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and preheated oven safe. This means they are essentially foolproof – it doesn’t matter if the user is a master chef or kitchen newbie.

How does it work?

Tempered glass is made using a hub lamination process, bonding together a central core layer of glass with an outer layer of glaze glass. The inner layer has a high level of tension while the outer layers are compressed. This process strengthens the glass by up to four times that of un-tempered glass. If it does break, tempered glass will shatter into granular pieces rather than jagged shards that can cause injury. Aside from crockery and cookware this glass is also used for such applications as bus shelters, shelving, shower doors, aquariums and car windows – all proof of its reliability and safety.

Where to use tempered products?

It is recommended to use a consistent range of tempered glass products to use throughout the kitchen spaces in your establishment. In this way you avoid having to sort through kitchenware when it is being returned to rooms after being cleaned or replaced. Commercial crockery will always be more durable and reliable than domestic items, which are not made for high use. Here it’s helpful to think about what your kitchenware will look like after plenty of use. Generic white items last longer than patterned, as patterns tend to rub off, leaving kitchenware looking marked and worn out.

Whether you choose to go for that retro translucent brown mug or something more generic and modern, tempered kitchenware products are the best choice for reliability, durability and safety in all rooms, communal spaces and commercial kitchens.

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